Ozan Electronic Money Designs Custom Payment Services for Sectors

Ozan Electronic Para (Ozan Electronic Money) designs payment services specifically for various industries, from petrol stations to education to wholesalers and travel. The payment service provider (PSP) innovates payment and collection processes wherever they become complex quickly.

Unified POS management from a single panel is Ozan’s latest response to sector needs such as combining virtual and physical transactions, ERP integration and flexible payment options at better rates. Ozan helps to conquer the financial transformation across sectors by innovating for specific needs.

Ozan Elektronik Para, Turkey’s leading financial solution provider, designs its payment services to fulfil the different needs of various sectors. One such niche is petrol stations, where each bank has vied for a place on the counter to put its POS device for years. This not only creates clutter but also creates a strain on profits through the separate fees and high commissions applied. Ozan’s stylish widescreen POS device clears the counter and works fast, capably and reliably. It has lower commission rates without extra costs, inefficiency, or maintenance fees.

Another example is Ozan’s solution for private schools: a unified payment interface connected with multiple POS systems from various banks and financial institutions and direct ERP integration for payments collected. Private education institutions must process tuition and other payments from thousands of students since education has long been partly privatised in Turkey. From kindergartens to colleges, collecting payments is a hassle. Ozan’s payment solutions make life easy by introducing automatic payments and easy reconciliation.

Wholesalers generally have a reseller network that delivers products to points of sale and collects payments. A payment platform capable of centrally managing collections is needed in this case for both online and in person payments. Ozan’s unique reseller platform enables wholesalers to collect all of these payments and automatically reconcile the balances for their entire distribution network, all on a single interface.

In the travel industry, making payments easier is more than a hygiene factor but a competitive edge. It improves the customer experience where cross-border payments have to be processed and services must be provided in several languages, and things might get especially difficult.

Ozan’s online foreign currency collection service is tailored to hotels and travel agencies. Ozan’s payment interface has payment screens in various languages so that hotels and travel agencies can receive payments from international tourists seamlessly. Collections via foreign exchange and payments with cross-border credit cards are processed at lower commission rates without being affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Ozan’s tourism-specific offer helps the sector to become more flexible and dynamic as well as save time and resources.

The latest important product in Ozan’s portfolio is FijiPOS. FijiPOS lets businesses manage all physical and virtual POS collections on a single panel and is especially developed for retail businesses that own a store but also collect payments online or via link and QR. Most other PSPs that offer a virtual POS do not have a physical POS option so businesses have to work with different vendors to process their physical and online payments.

Ozan Ozerk: We Meet the Unique Needs of Every Customer

Ozan Electronic Money Founder Dr Ozan Özerk commented, “As Ozan Elektronik Para, our goal is to understand the unique needs of all our customers and offer them customised solutions. With this approach, we simplify the payment and collection processes of businesses from different sectors and enable them to carry out more efficient and effective financial transactions. With the power of technology and a desire to anticipate our customers’ difficulties, we strive to develop innovative solutions to any obstacles. Each of our features is designed to help businesses overcome the problems they face in their daily operations.”

Ömer Suner: Reliable Partner in Digital Transformation

Ömer Suner, CEO of Ozan Elektronik Para, said: “We offer a comprehensive platform for enterprises of all sizes, from a mom-and-pop store to a big business, that lets them manage financial transactions easily, safely and efficiently. By offering solutions suitable for our clients’ sector-specific situations, we ensure they are always one step ahead of the competition. Our platform is designed to simplify payment processes, decrease costs and optimise business workflows. Ultimately, it’s our purpose to be a reliable business partner along a journey of digital transformation with new technologies and ongoing support.

About Ozan Elektronik Para (EMI – Ozan Electronic Money Institution):

Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money institution in Türkiye with licenses and memberships from Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, BKM, and Troy. Its Ozan SuperApp/SuperCard products provide individual financial solutions to end-users. Meanwhile, Ozan Business products address all the payment and collection needs of medium and large-scale businesses and ventures. Ozan Elektronik Para offers innovative solutions such as FijiPOS, FijiCash, and FijiPlace, as well as QR payments, link payments, virtual and physical POS, payment gateway, and dealer collections. Ozan Elektronik Para operates in Türkiye under Law No. 6493 and is authorised to make agreements with member businesses per Law No. 5464.