OXIS Energy collaborates with Texas Aircraft Manufacturing to develop fully electric aircraft in Brazil

OXIS Energy, a UK-based lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery technology company, has announced it it collaborating with Texas Aircraft Manufacturing to develop Brazil´s first fully electric commercial aircraft for flight training and regional transportation, the company said.

Based on Texas Aircraft´s Colt S-LSA (see image), the eColt will have a comfortable two-seat cabin. It will fill a growing demand for ecologically-friendly flight training, as well as regional transportation in Brazil and throughout the world. Initially, OXIS projects that the flight time will be in excess of two hours and an approximate range of 200NM.

The new eColt will be based on Texas Aircraft´s popular Colt S-LSA

OXIS Energy Ltd is involved in the design, development and now the move towards commercial production of Lithium Sulfur cells for battery systems. OXIS manufactures and produces all aspects and components in the making of the Li-S cell.