Outbrain to strengthen programmatic offerings

Outbrain, the world´s discovery and native advertising feed for the open web, has announced the full launch of its integration with Google´s Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Display & Video 360 to give marketers greater ability to capitalize on the benefits of Outbrain´s unique native inventory at scale, the company said.

By connecting with Display & Video 360 through BidSwitch, Outbrain gives buyers a more efficient and direct route to provide consumers with premium ad experiences at scale. Since acquiring Zemanta in 2017, Outbrain has continued its efforts to expand its programmatic offerings so that marketers are able to enjoy full flexibility in their buying strategies, across Outbrain´s premium inventory.

Outbrain is the world´s discovery and native advertising feed for the open web. A third of the world´s Internet-connected population explore and discover information through our feed technology, which is trusted by emerging to established brands and integrated into thousands of media companies´ tech Stacks to manage and monetize their publishing operations. Outbrain operates in 55 countries and is headquartered in New York City with offices in 18 cities worldwide. Learn more at www.outbrain.com or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.