Outbrain enables publishers to launch applications across messaging platforms

Outbrain has launched “Outbrain for Chat,” a service that enables any publisher to launch applications (or content bots) across the leading messaging platforms, the company said.

Outbrain´s new offering combines the unique power of its personalization platform with access to a proprietary Editorial Chat Management System or “ECMS”. The result is a unique interactive content experience that allows publishers to marry editorial programming with true content personalization.

As messaging evolves from simple peer-to-peer real-time communication into a platform for a multitude of other services, Outbrain is paving the way through “conversational content” — combining personalized recommendations and editorial controls within chat applications for a smart, natural, and seamless communication flow.

Outbrain´s technology with chat bots is dynamic and learns over time, presenting users with the latest news and most interesting stories, based on an individual´s Interest Graph. Users can view, save for later or read the articles within the messaging app, plus much more.

The flexible technology platform that powers Outbrain for Chat has the potential to operate in a number of environments, opening up possibilities for interactions that venture beyond a single provider. This new end-to-end technology can be adapted to any UI and powers publishers with the tools to tap into the fastest-growing channel for user adoption and attention.

Outbrain serves over 250 billion personalized content recommendations every month and reaches over 557 million unique visitors from across the globe.