OTG partners with Starbucks to introduce re-imagined customer experience in airports

Airport hospitality group OTG has announced a new partnership with Starbucks to introduce a re-imagined customer experience, focused on new experiential concepts and innovative technology to better serve travelers at airports, the company said.

OTG and Starbucks will introduce a variety of traditional and experiential locations, while exploring new technology to better serve customers anywhere in the terminal.

With a shared emphasis on providing a quality customer experience, this new partnership with OTG looks to usher in a new dynamic approach to how travelers get their Starbucks in the airport environment.

OTG is a hospitality group that operates more than 350 restaurants and retail concepts in 10 airports across North America. Starbucks is the global leader in airport food and beverage.They are known for high quality craft coffee beverages and their signature customer experience.