OTG brings checkout-free shopping to airports with Amazon's Just Walk Out Technology

OTG has announced its CIBO Express Gourmet Markets will modernize the airport ground experience for travelers who desire a faster, easier way to grab their items and walk out

The first CIBO Express Gourmet Market to use Amazon´s Just Walk Out technology to open next week

Hospitality group OTG has announced it will use Amazon´s Just Walk Out technology in select CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, to ease airport ground experience for travelers, the company said.

Starting on March 16 at Newark Liberty´s Terminal C and followed later by additional stores at Newark Liberty and LaGuardia Airports, travelers can purchase food and beverage items at CIBO Express Gourmet Markets without stopping to check out.

By using Amazon´s Just Walk Out technology in these markets, busy airport travelers can quickly enter the store using their credit card, grab the CIBO items they wish to purchase, and just walk out for maximum speed and convenience.

Just Walk Out technology showcases the company´s approach to leveraging advanced and innovative technologies to create a frictionless airport experience.

OTG combines hospitality and cuisine with design and technology. OTG´s restaurants are complemented by the company´s tablet experience. The company is an airport food and beverage operators in North America with more than 350 restaurants and retail locations across 10 airports.