Ossia, KDDI work together on wireless power technology

US-based remote wireless charging technology provider Ossia, Inc. has partnered with Japanese telecom company KDDI to deliver the benefits of remote wireless power technology, the company said.

KDDI became an early investor in Ossia´s Cota technology via the KDDI Open Innovation Fund. Since then, the two companies have worked together to engineer new products and solutions in the wireless power technology arena.

Cota technology was selected as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the “Tech for a Better World” product category. The Cota transmitter serves as a hub, providing power and data to smaller devices such as smartphones, smart locks, remote controls and more.

Cota technology is capable of charging mobile and battery-powered devices automatically, without users plugging them in or placing them on a charging pad. About the size of a small PC tower, Cota is designed to use patented smart antenna technology to safely deliver targeted energy to devices at a distance. That means the devices are always powered up and ready to use.

The technology functions similarly to how WiFi transmitters deliver data to devices, around corners and over obstacles without requiring a direct line of sight.

KDDI Open Innovation Fund is a corporate venture fund operated by KDDI and Global Brain Corporation that invests in domestic and international promising venture companies.

Ossia is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash.