OSM Aviation Academy selected to train pilots on all-electric airline

Quantum Air has announced it has chosen OSM Aviation Academy as a preferred pilot training partner pursuant to a comprehensive agreement, the company said.

A Quantum-branded pilot training program will be established at OSM Aviation Academy and the agreement includes a commitment by OSM to refer a steady supply of pilots trained to FAA commercial standards. Quantum Air has committed to providing tuition reimbursement for select OSM cadets.

OSM Aviation and Quantum have both placed large orders for the eFlyer all-electric aircraft from Bye Aerospace in Denver, Colorado. In total 160 zero-emission aircraft with significantly lower noise pollution and enhanced altitude performance will be delivered to the two companies starting at the end of 2021.

OSM Aviation is a global specialist in the employment, training and administration of aircrew, technicians and ground staff. The company currently employs 6000 pilots and crew members across the globe, serving its vast portfolio of international client airlines.