Orolia Defense & Security acquires Talen-X to expand capabilities and resources

Orolia Defense & Security has announced it has completed the acquisition of Talen-X, a US company specializing in advanced Global Navigation Simulation System (GNSS) solutions and Interference, Detection, and Mitigation (IDM) technologies, to expand capabilities and resources, the company said.

Orolia Defense & Security operates as a proxy-regulated company, Free of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI). As such, Orolia Defense & Security is approved to work on the full spectrum of US Government classified and unclassified projects and is positioned to support strategic partnerships in the development of key PNT technologies for the defense market.

Orolia is the world leader in Resilient PNT solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of customers´ critical, remote or high-risk operations. Resilient PNT is the convergence of positioning, navigation and timing technology with non-traditional and emerging technology to improve the reliability, performance and safety of mission-critical applications in the air, on land, in the sea and in space.