Orion's Mobile Travel Luggage Billboard Platform expanding into 32 countries

Orion Travel Tech said it has implemented in-country licenses being signed in 10 separate countries.

One of them being Brazil, home of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The other eight beside the US and Brazil are Canada, Australia, Columbia, Japan, Chile, Portugal, New Zealand and the Philippines.

All countries will be furnished with the Orion Travel Enterprise. By years-end most countries will be engaged in all of our top programs. Those programs will consist of the following:

The Global Mobile Luggage Billboard
The Online Booking Travel Agent One-on-One Program
The In-Country Travel Guide and Concierge for traveling families and for single Travelers
The Orion In-country Family Exchange in home Program´s
The Orion Smart Luggage retrofitted with on-board charging station, auto-scale, GPS, and alert systems.
The Orion Travel Mall for the world´s most coolest travel products
The Orion Travel Portal (for travelers only) No more excuse to travel alone
The Orion Mobile Device App Program (top simple to use apps when you´re traveling)
The Orion LIVE Games Entertainment Programs (Live broadcast games in virtual reality) filmed all over the world