Orion offers free baggage fees

Orion Travel Tech said it is offering free baggage fees while traveling on commercial airlines.

Orion pays your roundtrip Baggage fees by becoming the world´s first Mobile Traveling Billboard Luggage Trolley with a front and back advertising wrap that is molded into the plastic.

Orion also allows customers to personalize their own luggage with a graphic design that they choose from a number of on-going promotional campaigns that will occur throughout the year. The Orion patent pending luggage advertising billboard will not only travel through airport terminals, TSA lines, ticketing and baggage carousels, but also travel via train, bus, cruise line and automobiles.

All this is made available by international, domestic and regional advertisers and sponsors. Orion´s free luggage two-piece set consists of a 21-inch hard-shell carry-on 4-wheel trolley and a 29-inch hard-shell trolley. Both will come with a 2-year warranty.