Orion Labs unveils LTE push-to-talk wearable device

Orion Labs, the innovator in real-time voice communication for mobile workforces, has announced Orion Syncâ„¢, a new category of connected wearable that works with Orion´s award-winning platform and constellation of devices, apps, and services, the company said.

Orion Sync is designed for mobile teams in the field who need more than legacy radio systems can provide. Orion Sync connects teams to Orion voice chat, bots, integrations, and workflows with a purpose built, cloud-managed, LTE-connected Push-to-Talk (PTT) wearable with superpowers.

Orion Sync is designed for business and enterprise customers across a broad range of industries including hospitality, construction, healthcare, public safety, dispatch-related industries, and many others. Weighing 125 grams, the device is lightweight and can be worn on a shirt, vest, lanyard, or jacket.