Orbit ships 45th Gaia compact ground station to earth observation customer

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI) has announced it has shipped the pre-configured, pre-tested 45th Gaia 100 compact ground station, to one of its 12 Earth Observation/New Space Gaia customers, less than four years after delivery of the initial system, the company said.

The acceptance within the demanding EO and New Space segments has validated Orbit´s innovative approach to ground stations — a modular range of reliable, high-performance tracking terminals for MEO and LEO constellations that are lighter, simpler to install and operate, with an attractive cost. A lightweight yet robust, low-loss radome provides environmental protection and, combined with less overall mass and a small footprint, permits installations in harsh conditions and on a broader range of existing buildings and structures.

With Over 40 Gaia systems already deployed globally, serving EO and New Space companies, universities and research organizations, search and rescue services, and national space agencies, Orbit has rethought traditional ground stations to develop the ultimate compact ground station. The company´s Gaia 100 family offers high-accuracy tracking for LEO and MEO satellites in a unique, small-footprint package, permitting proven cost-effective and highly reliable connectivity.

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. is a global provider of satellite-tracking ground-station solutions and airborne and maritime communications.