Orbit Communications' 3D Audio boosts pilots' awareness, reduces workload, increases flight safety

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI) has announced that 3D Audio is now being offered as standard with the Orion airborne audio management system, the company said.

Orion´s 3D Audio delivers a 360-degree clear audio experience with significant benefits for pilots, including increased situational awareness and flight safety, as well as reduced workload and fatigue. Applications include radio separation, crew positioning, directional safety alerts and real-time threat alerts aligned to the pilot´s line-of-sight.

3D Audio technology uses advanced binaural and psycho-acoustic principles to provide directional audio delivered into the ears of the pilot, so that the spatial position of the sound source can be located. It is powered by a novel, patented Dual IP Ring topology ideal for all aircraft categories.

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. is wholly-focused on precision tracking-based communications – in the areas of satcom, telemetry and remote sensing – and provides an innovative solution for airborne audio management. With certification by defense, government and commercial agencies, the company delivers turnkey solutions at sea, on land, and in the air.