Orbit Communication System's Tracking Antenna meets performance expectations during initial mission of Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket

Orbit Communication Systems Inc., (TASE: ORBI), a provider of precision tracking-based communications solutions, has announced Orbit´s Tracking and Telemetry Antenna Solution met all performance expectations during Virgin Orbit´s initial LauncherOne rocket launch, the company said.

Virgin Orbit´s LauncherOne mission employs a Boeing 747 carrier for launching a rocket into orbit, thus enabling cost effective and increased availability of launching of small payloads into orbit. Traditional ground launches of satellites are too costly to put small sub-100-pound satellites into orbit without a larger payload accompanying it to make the launch worth the expense, limiting the availability of rides to space for small satellites, which conduct a variety of critical missions.

Orbit Communication Systems Inc, the US subsidiary of Orbit Communication Systems Ltd., is a global provider of airborne communications and satellite-tracking maritime and ground-station solutions.