Orange Fab US launches new Fab Force corporate program model

Orange Fab, the startup initiative led by Orange Silicon Valley, has launched a new model for its corporate program “Fab Force,” the company said.

The Fab Force program is now organized around specific themes each led by Orange Silicon Valley´s experts. This new model is tailored to maximize the engagement between startups and corporations to strategic partnerships and investment.

Fab Force was first introduced in 2014 as an alliance of global Fortune 500 corporations looking for greater access to Silicon Valley ecosystem. It supported the mission of the Orange Fab accelerator program by connecting startups to a larger number of corporations.

Fab Force members today benefit from the program by accessing insights and expertise provided by Orange Silicon Valley´s analysts, as well as the shared knowledge among members, mentors, VCs, angels, and startups in the Orange Fab online platform.

Upon joining the Fab Force program, corporate partners select specific thematic tracks called ´councils´ to engage. Currently, Fab Force offers 9 councils of exploration such as Fintech, Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities, and more.

In addition to launching a new annual partnership program model, Fab Force is also welcoming a new member: Mazars. The audit and advisory firm will be participating in the Fintech council in order to share knowledge with Orange Silicon Valley´s analysts and startup network

Other members of the Fab Force program include TF1, Total, and Geopost.

Orange Fab US is a platform dedicated to facilitating growth opportunities for Silicon Valley startups. It focuses on connecting innovative startups with our corporate partners for proof-of-concept projects, distribution, or investment opportunities utilizing an onsite team of industry analysts, online content platform, CVC network, and thought leadership events.

Orange is one of the world´s telecommunications operators with sales of 40,9 billion euros in 2016 and 154,000 employees worldwide at 31 March 2017, including 95,000 employees in France.