Orange Demonstrates Self-Healing 5G Network Slice Management

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced an innovative technical demonstration of automated 5G network slice orchestration conducted with Orange and Casa Systems (CASA), the company said.

Creatively illustrated using a kit robot, the demo highlights the expanding use cases and service agility needed to support 5G business applications, including location-based, telemetry, IoT, edge computing and more that will require low-latency for both the uplink and downlink.

In collaboration with HPE and Casa Systems, Orange demonstrated the ability for a cloud-native 5G core network to recognize quality-of-service (QoS) degradations on a common network slice for a mission-critical service or application with specific service level agreement (SLA) parameters and automatically self-correct by creating a new dedicated network slice on-demand.

In the demo, a robot is fitted with a 5G radio and connected to the robot´s management software over an open 5G core network, comprising cloud-native Network Functions from both HPE and Casa Systems. HPE´s Service Director orchestration software creates, configures and deploys network slices for the robot´s service to connect at low latency.

The demo shows the service set up and the robot operating normally until additional data traffic and latency are introduced and the robot´s performance is visibly impacted. This triggers an alarm and Service Director works with the 5G core network within seconds to create and deploy a new dedicated network slice with the proper QoS restoring the robot to normal operation.

Orange, HPE and Casa are now expanding this use case demonstration into an end-to-end campus trial as the next steps toward broader service availability.

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