Oracle's security ops portfolio surpasses 1 million users

Oracle´s Identity-based, Security Operations Center (SOC) cloud services portfolio is experiencing exceptional growth, well surpassing 1 million users since its launch just six months ago, the company said.

The SOC framework provides next-generation, integrated and intelligent security monitoring, threat detection, analytics and remediation across heterogeneous, hybrid clouds — powered by comprehensive identity context and enforcement.

Oracle´s SOC portfolio provides consistent security controls across cloud and on-premises environments that help organizations better detect and respond to advanced threats and more effectively predict paths of escalation. It also unifies threat, user and operational data from traditionally separate sources and uses machine learning to empower these critical operation centers with an identity-centric, context-aware intelligence solution.

The Oracle Cloud delivers hundreds of SaaS applications and enterprise-class PaaS and IaaS services to customers in more than 195 countries while processing 55 billion transactions a day.