Optosecurity releases remote screening software suite

Optosecurity has launched eVolution, its new remote screening solution that addresses an unmet need in the aviation security industry, the company said.

Called centralized image processing, or multiplexing, the company said the remote screening improves the operational efficiency of security checkpoints as it provides airports with improved performance and flexibility. Already deployed on over 150 aviation checkpoint security lanes around the world, Optosecurity´s technology has proven its efficiency with eVolution´s counterpart eVelocity, which helped multiple airports reduce operational costs, increase passenger throughput, and improve security.

Optosecurity Inc., headquartered in Canada, provides operational efficiency and threat detection for checkpoint security in airports and other critical infrastructures. Optosecurity´s eVelocity software suite enables centralized remote screening of hand luggage, redefining airport security paradigms and economics, demonstrating proven savings and productivity enhancements.