Operation Airdrop, an all-volunteer group of General Aviation pilots and planes, files first mission to Conroe, Texas

Operation Airdrop was formed by radio host John Clay Wolfe and Doug Jackson to deliver relief supplies to hard to reach areas along the Texas Gulf Coast, and has since grown to 50+ pilots and planes from across the nation, the company said.

Texas Baptist Men, the Salvation Army and other groups are working in partnership with Operation Airdrop, and will be responsible for receiving and distributing the goods brought in by the pilots to hard to access areas across the region.

Donation locations and updated needs can be found on the group´s website operation-airdrop.com.

Immediate needs are for diapers, baby formula, sleeping bags and toiletries. All other supplies at this moment are welcomed, but will be staged in delivery time behind WATER and NON PERISHABLE FOOD.

John Clay Wolfe´s radio career began in 2004 when he wrestled the mic from the radio DJ during a live broadcast from Wolfe Chevrolet. Today his show is syndicated on some of the highest rated Rock, Country, and Sports stations in top markets across the land, where he and his crew are heard by half a million listeners every week.