OpenX uses flexible ad unit capabilities, increasing revenue opportunities

OpenX said it has announced the global availability of flexible ad units throughout its unified suite of products for desktop, mobile web and apps.

The ability to accept and serve ad creatives of multiple sizes increases buyers´ flexibility and access to high-quality inventory in the OpenX Exchange with publishers experiencing an increase in yield ranging from 15 to 40 percent.

Websites and mobile apps that enable flex ad units experience significant lifts in revenue on those units due to a greater bid density, which ultimately increases the competition for each ad unit. OpenX leverages its proprietary auction technology to dynamically merge bids for the multiple size ad units into a singular auction, similar to the market leading Demand Fusion technology powering the OpenX SSP, which unifies network and real time exchange demand.

Flexible ad units increase inventory supply in the OpenX Exchange by giving the publishers control to include ad units of varying sizes that traditionally have had lower fill rates, such as rising stars or larger ad units. Additionally, publishers looking to provide custom solutions to preferred buyers can reserve this premium option for their PMP deals, providing buyers exclusive access to particular units.