OpenLegacy partners with Brazil's DTMSYST

OpenLegacy said it has partnered with DTMSYST Consulting and IT Projects, a leading firm based in Brazil specializing in IT consulting and special projects, including ADABAS transformation.

“OpenLegacy is a very important tool for companies that want to deliver legacy information on web, mobile and even cloud quickly and more easily,” said ​Décio Ronaldo Capovilla, Technology director of DTMSYST. “OpenLegacy helps our customers save money by reliably solving the integration problems for companies with heterogeneous environments. OpenLegacy provides what the IT market has always demanded: a low-cost tool based on open source technology that can deliver and integrate your legacy information rapidly, with minimum development effort, and no need for complex and expensive integration platforms.”

The OpenLegacy platform enables companies to undergo digital transformation by connecting their systems of record to via APIs to Web, mobile and the cloud. The system enables extremely rapid deployment, so that business needs can be answered, without IT infrastructure slowing down the pace of progress. OpenLegacy´s standard tools rapidly extract the services and information from within back end systems into an editable format that puts the power of integration into the enterprises´ and partners´ hands without any vendor lock in.

DTMSYST provides solutions that help their clients stay competitive, providing technologies and services to assist IT with the challenges of doing more with less while supporting critical business needs.