OpenBar launches virtual bar

OpenBar said it has announced its official launch.

The app, founded by parent company BARTRENDr, is a social network that lets users enjoy all of the social gratifications of going to a bar but with added benefit of being able to do it at any time.

With an algorithm that compares with what´s behind Spotify and iTunes Genius, OpenBar creates conversation starting points and enables patrons to connect either in groups or private conversations.

Whether a user wants to discuss current issues, philosophy, sports, politics, trivia, science, dating, etc., OpenBar connects like-minded individuals, allowing them to find the right people and connect in a group or intimate setting.

OpenBar is the private social network for people to connect to share drinks, start conversations and make friends in a virtual-bar setting. Connect with people that have similar interests, or join totally new chats by simply posting what you´re drinking and strumming up a new conversation. OpenBar gives users the ability to keep in touch with old friends, meet new people and maintain relationships and conversations with other users nationwide.