OpenAirlines, Sander de Moor partner to support SkyBreathe in Middle East

OpenAirlines has partnered with Sander de Moor, managing director of FltOpsWorkz, his freelance consultancy in management and strategy related to airline operational efficiency, the company said.

Since 2009, OpenAirlines has developed SkyBreathe, a software solution when it comes to reducing aircraft fuel consumption and emissions. Through the use of big data and advanced algorithms, SkyBreathe provides analyses, graphs and preset reports, which help an existing fuel management program identify further fuel cost and emission footprint reductions by an estimated two-to-five percent annually.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Sander de Moor is a freelance consultant with a focus on optimization activities in areas ranging from flight and ground operations to fuel efficiency, fleet and network strategy and management, as well as payload optimization.

OpenAirlines is a fuel-saving solution provider that serves airlines wishing to optimize their flight operations and reduce costs.