OpenAirlines launches subsidiary in Miami

OpenAirlines, a software company in the flight operations optimization market, has announced the launch of a new subsidiary, in Miami, Florida USA, the company said.

OpenAirlines is a consulting and Big Data software company with world-class experience in optimizing an airlines´ operations, with a focus on fuel savings and environment. OpenAirlines flagship product is SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency, an innovative software that facilitates an airlines ability to save 2%-4% on their fuel consumption. OpenAirlines is based in Toulouse, France with offices in Hong Kong and now Miami to provide their customers with 24/7 support in seven (7) different languages globally.

SkyBreathe® is currently assisting more than 25 airlines around the world, to greatly enhance existing fuel-saving initiatives while helping them save millions of dollars and thousands of tons of CO2.

OpenAirlines is an innovative company with highly effective and proven solutions to assist airlines reduce their operating costs. Founded in Toulouse, France in 2006 to meet the airlines´ needs to optimize their flight operations and reduce their fuel consumption.