OpenAirlines CEO accompanies French President's delegation to China to focus on climate change

OpenAirlines has announced CEO Alexandre Feray will join French President Emmanuel Macron on an official state visit to China with a focus on climate change and trade, the company said.

OpenAirlines´ CEO and President Macron will visit alongside 17 innovative companies as part of the presidential delegation organized by Business France to present its innovative eco-flying solution SkyBreathe which helps airlines reduce their fuel costs and environmental impact.

SkyBreathe is a cloud-based software solution, which integrates multiple sources of data from flight data recorders in a single database and computes achieved and potential savings taking into account the exact flight conditions, such as weather, flight path, Air Traffic Control, payload.

Currently assisting 37 airlines across the world with all fleet and engine types, the digital solution enables airlines to easily implement the most appropriate best practices to reduce their fuel consumption. Given that fuel constitutes anywhere from 25 percent to even 30 percent of total airline expenses, a cut of a couple of percentage points helps them save millions.

Complementing SkyBreathe, which provides recommendations before and after the flight, Alexandre Feray will present its new product SkyBreathe OnBoard, a connected Electronic Flight Bag application that provides live guidance to reduce fuel consumption during the flight.

OpenAirlines is an international software company based in Toulouse, with offices in Hong Kong and Miami, which provides consulting and software solutions to help airlines optimize their operations and to reduce their environmental impact.