Open-Source Community Addresses Next Generation Carrier Operations

Leitstand, an open-source community that aims to increase the efficiency of management systems for next generation carrier networks, has been created by network operators, integrators, and software vendors, the company said.

It will provide the tools needed to operate the underlying infrastructure in a disaggregated telecoms network, including zero-touch provisioning of infrastructure, inventory management, operational visibility of network elements, alarm monitoring, fault diagnosis and software version management.

The Leitstand toolset will be provided in an open-source model, freely available to any operator, equipment vendor and systems integrator. Initial contributors to the Leitstand initiative include Deutsche Telekom, EWE TEL, Reply, and RtBrick.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world´s integrated telecommunications companies, with some 184 million mobile customers, 27,5 million fixed-network lines, and 21 million broadband lines.

EWE TEL, a 100 percent subsidiary of EWE AG (Oldenburg), is one of the biggest regional telecommunications company offering the full range of telecommunication services to more than 650,000 private, corporate and public customers.

Reply specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media.

RtBrick provides carrier routing software that runs on off-the-shelf hardware. RtBrick is a privately held company, with staff located in India, Europe and the USA.