Open Garden launches decentralized ISP for Internet sharing

Open Garden Inc. has announced the launch of a new Internet service that, unlike traditional, centralized ISPs, where one large retailer delivers service, is a peer-to-peer network that will grow to millions of crowdsourced providers, the company said.

Participants download the Open Garden app from Google Play to get started – no additional hardware is required to build the network. The Open Garden app enables all users to turn their Android phones into Open Garden hotspots and securely share their WiFi connections with anyone nearby. In early 2018, Open Garden will launch its own cryptocurrency, an Ethereum token called OG, that enables each user to earn tokens in exchange for sharing their bandwidth.

Open Garden´s vision of “The Internet of Us” is to create an entirely decentralized Internet Service Provider. Most mobile and landline Internet access today is provided by a small group of powerful players. Open Garden disrupts this oligopoly by enabling millions of people to become mini-ISPs and to be compensated in OG. Open Garden will use FireChat to help bootstrap the network. FireChat has over 5M registered users of its award-winning peer to peer messaging platform, which will support full Internet connectivity and free messaging for everyone.

Founded in 2011, Open Garden is a San Francisco Bay Area startup. Its technology creates a decentralized Internet service enabling people, enterprises and network operators to share their access to the Internet access. Open Garden has received an Innovation Award at SXSW, the Boldness in Business Award by the Financial Times, and the Tech4Resilience Award by Making All Voices Count. For more information, visit