Open Access delivers multilingual solutions in 25 languages

Open Access BPO said it is adding eight new languages to its array of multilingual customer service and technical support solutions.

Launched in the first half of 2015, the eight latest additions to the Philippine-based firm´s language line-up include Swedish, Polish, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Norwegian, and Danish. According to Open Access BPO, this service expansion is their response to the continuously growing demand in many areas across Europe and Asia.

The Philippine call center has been offering 17 languages with French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese being some of the higher demand languages. The recent additions bring the total number of customer service languages being offered by the company to 25.

Open Access BPO currently works with clients from a variety of industries. By offering voice and non-voice customer support in several languages, the company mobilizes both startup and established businesses catering to clients with diverse preferences.

These language additions, combined with the company´s recent expansion in Taipei, Taiwan, and soon in Davao, Philippines, greatly contribute to Open Access BPO´s branding as a premier outsourcing hub. Enterprises with a broad market reach penetrating various areas in Europe, Asia, and Africa have found a way to be more competitive in the global business landscape. The company´s strategic locations in internationally recognized progressive cities provide clients with round-the-clock customer support, affordable rates, and quality voice and non-voice services.

Between its offices in Makati, Philippines and Taipei, Taiwan, the multilingual firm employs more than 500 skilled specialists at the frontline of its wide array of outsourcing services.