Oomnitza Oomnitza Bot integrates with Zendesk

Oomnitza has announced Oomnitza Bot, a new IT asset management chat bot that works within Slack and integrates with Zendesk, a customer service and engagement platform, the company said.

Oomnitza Bot provides a single source of truth and rich intelligence about every asset, enabling automation of the IT support experience. As a result, organizations experience significant productivity gains and cost savings.

Instead of manually filling out support tickets when they have a problem or need, users report issues about an asset from within Slack using the Oomnitza Bot. Once the end user confirms the asset and provides a description, a Zendesk ticket is automatically created.

In addition to reducing costs, Oomnitza Bot improves productivity by keeping employees equipped with all the Things they need to keep working without downtime. IT can work on more complex tasks, instead of spending time clarifying tedious details of support tickets. Oomnitza Bot provides a highly scalable solution for growing organizations that alleviates the need to continually add IT support staff.

Oomnitza offers an IT automation platform that provides organizations with a single source of truth for connected devices. This includes IT assets, as well as myriad other devices comprising the Internet of Things. Oomnitza provides the cloud-based functionality, efficiency, automation, and robust reporting that smart businesses and organizations rely on to track, monitor, and manage a wide range of Things. Learn more at https://www.oomnitza.com.