Ooma expands home call blocking service

Ooma, Inc. (NYSE:OOMA), has expanded the capabilities of its Ooma home phone service with the most advanced, comprehensive and flexible call-blocking features available to put an end to unwanted telemarketer, spam, and fraudulent calls, the company said.

Ooma home phone service customers who subscribe to the company´s Ooma Premier service have a number of new ways to fight spam, including blocking all calls, except from numbers they specifically allow, and blocking calls based on caller name, which is more difficult for telephone spammers to manipulate than phone numbers.

The Ooma Telo home phone service provides PureVoice HD call quality and all of the features of a traditional landline. Customers who have an existing landline phone can keep their phone number when switching to Ooma, and use customizable call blocking to effectively wipe out telemarketers and robocalls. Ooma Telo also integrates with consumers´ favorite smart home devices.

Ooma is a smart communications platform for small businesses and consumers. Its smart platform serves as a communications hub, which offers cloud-based telephony and other connected services.