ONUG Releases AI Application

ONUG, the voice of the Global 2000, is focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to overcome the operational challenges of ensuring application performance in complex hybrid multi-cloud environments that span multiple independent operational domains, the company said.

Hybrid multi-cloud deployments present IT operations teams with unique challenges because application delivery spans public networks and cloud infrastructure that the enterprise doesn´t own, operate or control. The first step in applying AI to automate performance monitoring is to aggregate, normalize and enrich select state data that is sourced from many points across multiple independent domains.

This data, which is maintained in a set of cloud-based repositories, is accessed via a virtualization layer that supports common APIs for machine learning and AI tools to automatically detect performance anomalies, determine the root cause and take the necessary remedial actions.

ONUG is the only organization composed of senior-level IT executives from the Global 2000 that represents the interest and initiatives of the Enterprise Community. For more on ONUG, go to www.onug.net.