OnSolve sends 51 million critical notifications

OnSolve, a global provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based critical communication solutions, successfully assisted state and local agencies, as well as businesses of every size across Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and other states impacted by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, the company said.

Before, during and after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, OnSolve successfully delivered over 51 million messages, 25 million calls, 9 million SMS, 15 million emails and 1.8 million push notification alerts to individuals impacted by the storms, keeping them informed on the storms´ position and strength, as well as providing emergency instructions and other critical information.

There have been numerous examples of successful emergency preparation and response by state and local agencies surrounding Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

OnSolve is a global provider of SaaS-based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers. The company´s cloud-based software communications platform provides seamless and easy-to-deploy solutions for the exchange of critical information among organizations, their people, devices and external entities with use cases designed to save lives, enhance revenue and reduce costs. More information can be found on the company´s website at www.onsolve.com.