Online Schools Report ranks best programs in aeronautics and aviation for 2019-2020

Online Schools Report (OSR) has announced the release of its ranking of the Best Online Aeronautics and Aviation Degrees, the company said.

OSR, the new student resource site, based rankings on data, prioritizing the school´s ability to deliver an online education comparable to an on-campus degree.

Last year, two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crashed within six months, prompting a public outcry and a formal grounding of the plane. Although the incidents stirred up controversy, flying remains the safest form of travel. The industry needs more professionals, and Boeing itself is known to be committed to education, consulting on engineering accreditation standards and partnering with professors. Human flight is practically a miracle, but the innovations won´t stop any time soon.

OSR uses six data points to determine the best programs in a given field. Three data points focus on the quality of the school, and three focus on the quality of the individual program under consideration. The introduction of program-specific data helps OSR dive deeper into each program and quantify how that program has helped its graduates.