One Network Enterprises releases new Version of Real Time Value Network

One Network Enterprises has released its latest version of Real Time Value Network (RTVN), the company said.

RTVN version 18.0 delivers on the company´s vision to provide intelligent consumer-driven business networks to organizations across a wide range of vertical markets, including Retail, CPG, Electronics, Automotive, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Logistics Services.

Key innovations in this release include intelligent end-to-end demand sensing and supply orchestration workflows for restaurants and retail chains, enhancements that strengthen optimized execution across several verticals, and advancements in Defense Industry solutions.

One Network provides Cloud business solutions designed to enable and optimize customer-driven business networks. One Network provides an advanced Cloud PaaS platform and a wide array of SaaS business applications deployed onto a large business network with over 1 million trading community relationships. One Network is helping leading organizations digitally transform industries including CPG, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, and Public Sector and Defense.