One Network enables customers to transact with trading partners over blockchain

One Network Enterprises, the global provider of multi-party digital network platform and services, has announced ONE Chain, a new solution that empowers trading partners to fully harness the power and potential of blockchains, the company said.

ONE Chain allows organizations to build and deploy sophisticated, highly scalable supply chain and other multi-party blockchain applications on top of the blockchain.

ONE Chain is a new secure, blockchain solution that enables companies to execute sophisticated blockchain-backed processes with their trading partners. The offering brings rich, supply chain orchestration capabilities to the blockchain, which decreases risk, increases efficiency, and greatly simplifies how partners conduct business transactions.

One Network is bringing the network to connect companies and their entire ecosystem, to serve the customer. Founded in 2002, One Network offers patented solutions to multi-party business, including supply chain management. One Network´s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Networkâ„¢, eliminates the traditional divide between planning and execution and provides visibility and enables data to flow across the entire value chain of business partners — in real time.