Onboard Systems hook kits certified by FAA

Onboard Systems International, Inc., a provider of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment, has announced that its hydraulic cargo hooks with Surefire® release technology have been STC certified by the FAA for the Airbus Helicopters BO105 aircraft, the company said.

Onboard has also submitted these Surefire-enabled systems to Transport Canada for certification. The Surefire circuit requires a purposeful, half-second press against the hook release button, guarding against inadvertent load loss resulting from accidental contact with the release button during flight.

Excessive movement during external load operations can unintentionally activate an improperly rigged manual release cable on a cargo hook system, causing an inadvertent release of the load. Onboard´s hydraulic cargo hook kits only open the hook when the pilot activates the release system–snagging or damage to the cable will not lead to accidentally dropping the cargo.

Onboard Systems International designs and manufactures a complete line of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment under its TALON® brand, including belly hooks, cargo hook suspension systems, Onboard Weighing Systems, and remote hooks. Its low-weight, high quality products provide helicopter operators with increased cost efficiencies and safety through customer-driven designs, responsive service and support, and low ongoing maintenance costs.