Onboard Systems develops remote keeperless cargo hook, retrofit kit

Helicopter cargo hook equipment provider Onboard Systems International, LLC has announced that it has developed a keeperless version of the TALON 3.3K Remote Cargo Hook, as well as a retrofit kit to convert existing TALON 3.3K Remote Cargo Hooks to a keeperless configuration as needed, the company said.

The TALON Keeperless Retrofit Kit for 3.3K Half Cage Remote Hook (P/N 212-057-00) allows operators to convert their existing TALON 3.3K Remote Cargo Hooks into keeperless hooks as needed. Operators can switch back to the original keepered version at any time by following the instructions in the documentation. In addition, operators who purchase the new TALON 3.3K Remote Cargo Hook (P/N 528-018-09) can convert it to the keepered version by contacting their sales rep to order the necessary parts. These hooks can be reconfigured into either the keepered or keeperless version by the factory during the standard overhaul or repair process. Please contact us for more information.

Onboard Systems International, LLC designs and manufactures innovative helicopter lift equipment for the worldwide aerospace industry, including belly hooks, cargo hook suspension systems, Onboard Weighing Systems, and remote hook equipment. Its low-weight, high quality products provide operators with increased safety and cost efficiencies through customer-driven designs, responsive service and support, and low on-going maintenance costs.