On-demand selling service launches second-hand electronics marketplace

On-demand service Gone has launched Gone Marketplace where users can purchase second-hand electronics that have been inspected and approved for quality, the company said.

Gone is also expanding its popular concierge service to Manhattan. The service provides every user with a Gone assistant to simplify the selling process. The assistant goes to the seller´s home to pick up and package each item for sale. The service alleviates stresses of selling in the city as Gone handles the entire process from the pickup, packaging, contacting buyers, negotiating, and shipping of items.

Gone helps users get rid of unwanted items by making the selling process easy. Gone users in San Francisco, Bay Area, Seattle, Austin and New York, can use the full premium service, Gone Concierge, where a Gone assistant meets them at their location to pick up items. The Gone Lite of the app version is available nationwide, sends users empty boxes for users to ship their items.