Olea introduces see-through wall technology

Olea Sensor Networks has introduced its OleaVision See-Through Wall Technology, which functions optimally at a distance of three to four meters from the target wall surface, requiring no contact whatsoever with that wall, the company said.

Additionally, this revolutionary technology trumps other available technologies in its ability to “see” a living being, through most wall materials, regardless of whether the monitored subject is moving or motionless, and is lightweight and smaller than a smartphone.

OleaVision will enable first responders and armed forces or security personnel to save more lives by quickly identifying people in search and rescue operations.

Olea Sensor Networks develops intelligent sensors and analytic software that promise to revolutionize mobile and cloud-based service solutions for a wide variety of applications, including connected car, connected care, smart home and identity access management, using the “Internet of Things” (IoT) machine–to–machine (M2M) communications infrastructure.