Oclaro Unveils Integrated Solution for 400G and 600G Networks up to 64Gbaud

Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR), a provider and innovator of optical communications solutions, has announced photonic integrated coherent transmitters (ICTs) and intradyne coherent receiver (ICRs) for 400G and 600G applications, the company said.

These high-performance components can be configured for multiple data rates, enabling customers to cover a wide range of network applications from data center interconnects (DCIs) to ultra-long haul transmission. Oclaro will be showcasing these two new products at this week´s ECOC Exhibition in its booth #268.

The 64Gbaud ICT combines an ultra narrow line width laser with a high-bandwidth dual QPSK Mach Zehnder Modulator to support flexible baud rates up to 64Gbaud and 64-QAM modulation. This enables transmission from 100G to 600G. Built in semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), a tunable filter and a variable optical attenuator (VOA) eliminate the need for external optical components and simplifies assembly while enabling operation in colorless networks. The ICT provides a local oscillator (LO) feed with +12dBm output power for optimal receiver performance.

The 64Gbaud ICR is a fully integrated coherent receiver that supports flexible data rates from 100G to 600G. It can operate at rates up to 64Gbaud with modulation schemes such as 64-QAM.

The 64Gbaud ICR has an integrated monitor photodiode (MPD) and VOA to support single channel and multichannel applications in colorless networks. It is compliant with the form factor specified in OIF Implementation Agreement, OIF-DPC-MRX-01.0.

The 64Gbaud ICR almost doubles the bandwidth without changes in responsivity relative to 32Gbaud parts. This enables Oclaro´s 64Gbaud ICT-ICR pair to meet link budgets in existing networks while more than doubling the capacity. The compact form factors and integrated functionality (no external optical components needed) of the 64Gbaud ICT and ICR pair make them suitable for the stringent size requirements on next generation 1.2Tb SLEDs.

Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR), is a provider of optical components and modules for the long-haul, metro and data center markets. Leveraging more than three decades of laser technology innovation and photonics integration, Oclaro provides differentiated solutions for optical networks and high-speed interconnects driving the next wave of streaming video, cloud computing, application virtualization and other bandwidth-intensive and high-speed applications. For more information, visit www.oclaro.com or follow on Twitter at @OclaroInc.