Oblong Industries signs collaboration agreement with NASA

Oblong Industries, the developer of spatial operating environments for the new era of collaborative work, has been awarded a contract to equip NASA Aeronautics with Mezzanine, Oblong´s collaboration solution, the company said.

Mezzanine transforms meetings into visual work sessions characterized by Infopresence that delivers a level of real-time collaboration. The solution is designed to surround collaborators with vital data and interactive information from multiple sources to foster better decisions and faster innovation — whether users are in the same room or spread across multiple locations.

In support of NASA´s transformative aeronautics concepts program (TACP), Mezzanine will help facilitate the program´s initiatives to cultivate multi-disciplinary, revolutionary concepts that drive aviation transformation. TACP creates the environment for researchers to experiment with new ideas, perform ground and small-scale flight tests, explore technology feasibility, and perform rapid iterations on viable concepts.

Mezzanine will specifically be used as part of the TACP Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) project. CAS teams merge traditional aeronautics disciplines with non-aeronautic advancements to realize new capabilities in commercial aviation.

Oblong is expected to install 10 Mezzanine systems across four NASA Aeronautics research centers: Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California and Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley´s Moffett Field, California.

Oblong Industries develops technologies that change the way people work, create and communicate.