Obital App Opens New Era of Affordable Assistive Communication

Eye tracking startup Obital has opened a new era of affordable assistive communication by launching Eyetell, an app that turns consumer mobile devices into communication tools for people with disabilities, such as ALS, cerebral palsy, and paralysis due to stroke or spinal cord injuries, the company said.

Eyetell enables users to simply look at their device screen, type letters with their eyes and then the device reads the text out loud. The beta version of the app was unveiled at Disrupt Berlin and users can sign up for early access at

Unlike other eye tracking based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology currently on the market, Eyetell is an app that runs on any regular tablet or smartphone regardless of manufacturer or operating system, making it affordable and accessible to everyone. Easy to set up, the Eyetell app requires no calibration and can be downloaded and used anywhere in the world.

Eyetell is made possible by combining existing camera sensors in mobile devices together with a new innovative software as a service eye tracking platform developed by Obital.

Obital is a rapidly emerging technology startup based in Denmark that has created the world´s first software as a service eye tracking platform, which allows any mobile device to become an eye tracker without the use of separate, expensive eye tracking devices. Obital recently launched Eyetell, the first app built using its new platform, that turns any tablet or smartphone into an easy to use, low cost assistive communications tool.