Oasis Gets SAS-SM Certification For Its eSIM Subscription Manager EOS

Oasis has announced the certification of its Subscription Manager EOS2 according to the SAS-SM Security Accreditation Scheme of the GSMA, the company said.

This is the result of a comprehensive security audit carried out to ensure that Oasis have implemented all adequate security measures to protect the interests of MNOs and EOMs. The Oasis EOS2 SM-DP (Subscription Management Data Preparation) and SM-SR (Subscription Management Secure Routing) are deployed in a secure data center in France with the highest level of security and interoperability.

This SAS-SM certification follows the GSMA certification received in 2019 for Helios eUICC, a full range of eSIM Operating Systems and products. This positions Oasis as a key player for providing end-to-end solutions to all the stakeholders of the eSIM ecosystem.

Oasis Smart SIM provides cutting edge technologies and customized services to enable the deployment of eSIM. Oasis is a GSMA member since 2011.