Nyansa launches cloud-sourced enterprise IT network analytics service

Nyansa, Inc. has introduced the world´s first cloud-sourced enterprise IT analytics service: Voyance.

Based on patented technology, Voyance is a new, vendor-agnostic IT network analytics system, purpose-built for heterogeneous enterprise environments.

Already deployed in more than 30 organizations —- including Suffolk University, Brandeis University, Liberty University and others —- Voyance delivers extraordinary insights into client access, network services, IoT devices and enterprise applications issues that impact the user experience.

Voyance inspects, analyzes and correlates all wired and wireless data as well as wireless metrics across the entire network-application stack, giving IT staff new power to automatically baseline issues in their environment, establish an objective benchmark for good performance, pinpoint specific problems and suggest their root causes and remediation “next steps.”

Voyance is also unique in its ability to help IT organizations quickly understand the actual and potential impact of changes made to their network infrastructure, such as adding new applications, network service upgrades and new WLAN features.

Palo Alto, California-based Nyansa is a fast-growing innovator of advanced IT analytics software technology, venture-backed by Formation|8, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm. Founded in September 2013 by Abe Ankumah, Anand, Srinivas and Daniel Kan, the company employs technology professionals from MIT, Meraki, Aruba Networks and Google.