NXTCOMM introduces AeroMax flat panel satellite antenna for airlines

NXT Communications Corporation (NXTCOMM) has announced it has completed the design of a flat-panel satellite antenna for the commercial and defense aviation markets that enhances performance at lower prices, the company said.

The design uses standard PCB manufacturing technology with commercial off-the-shelf components and a unique modular sub array topology scalable to any form factor.

The USD 130bn aviation equipment and services market (LSE) still remains significant with more than 39,000 new commercial jets rolling off the production line over the next 20 years, which includes an in-service fleet of 18,000+ commercial transport aircraft across 900 airlines, as well as over 7,500 business jets, according to Boeing and Airbus.

NXTCOMM can serve as an attractive alternative to cash-strapped airlines that need connectivity to deliver service to passengers while unlocking new revenue opportunities.

NXTCOMM plans to conduct over-the-air testing later this year, with AeroMax antenna low-rate initial production (LRIP) available in early 2021. NXTCOMM´s capabilities include a full-scale production facility in metro Atlanta, as well as Part 145 facilities in Georgia.