NUVIAD Technologies announces retargeting for mobile in-app advertising

Using NUVIAD´s algorithmic mobile media trading platform, Advertisers and agencies can now retarget mobile users using mobile applications based on a wide variety or attributes.

NUVIAD Technologies today announced availability of mobile in-app Hyper-Retargeting technology. Hyper-Retargeting allows advertisers and media buyers to create lists of mobile app users based on multiple attributes such as location, apps used by the user, phone make and model, and a variety of other attributes across multiple exchanges and media sources. These lists can also be cross-targeted with other campaign attributes to achieve optimal targeting.

Customers who started using our Hyper-Retargeting technology for their campaigns demonstrated a huge increase in their campaign performance. “We effectively managed to show that RTB CPM buying for large scale performance campaigns is not only possible but also highly profitable if done correctly,” said Rafi Ton, Chief Executive Officer of NUVIAD Technologies.

“The combination of accurate targeting, Hyper-Retargeting and new ad formats – focusing on Native Advertising yields positive ROI for both CPI and CPA campaigns,” Rafi added.

NUVIAD Technologies is one of the leading providers of Real Time Bidding technologies for Exchanges, DSPs and Media Buyers focusing on Mobile In-app advertising, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver highly targeted mobile advertising campaigns while continuously improving their results.