Numa Integrates with Google's Business Messages

Numa, a new kind of answering service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that ensures businesses never miss a call or text, has announced it now allows businesses to send and receive messages from customers using Google´s Business Messages, in addition to text messages, picture messages, Facebook Messenger, and voicemail, the company said.

Numa expands on its ability to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve their goals and delight their customers with an intelligent, conversational messaging experience. The new platform is designed to improve customer connection that allows Main Street businesses to offer a “message” button from within Google Maps and Google Search, enhancing the conversation to drive purchasing, scheduling, upsell and loyalty.

Numa enables texting with a business phone, even if it´s a landline, allowing merchants to send and receive text messages from an existing phone number and catch calls when the business can´t grab them. That´s invaluable for small and medium-sized businesses juggling phone calls from customers and clients as they re-open or plan for it in the future. Recognizing that missed calls can mean lost business, Numa aims to ensure Main Street USA businesses thrive with easy-to-use technology that works with their existing phone system and delights their customers.

Numa is an AI-powered virtual assistant and concierge platform created to help local businesses–Main Street USA–thrive in an era where text messaging has become a preferred and more convenient way to communicate. Making a business number textable, Numa handles and responds to every voicemail, text, Facebook message with its AI-based platform that is always learning from employee-customer interactions–and adjusting its answers automatically in a voice uniquely tailored to each business.