Nuctech X-ray Security Inspection System passes ECAC inspections

Nuctech has announced its X-ray Security Inspection System CX7555D has passed the liquid explosive detection system and explosive detection system for cabin bags standard tests, conducted by The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the company said.

Nuctech X-ray Security Inspection System CX7555D comes from the CX products platform, which features image performance, ergonomic user interface and advanced dual-view design.

Based on dual-energy X-ray imaging technology, high-precision effective atomic number signature of the test object can be obtained, thereby achieving excellent material discrimination and coloring, and possessing a high level of automatic auxiliary detection capabilities for explosives and narcotics.

The product has been put into use in airports, customs, postal logistics, cruise terminals and other industries in more than 10 countries including Germany, Sweden, Russia, China, and Japan.

ECAC has set a strict test protocol. After passing the test, the CX7555D further perfected the combination of Nuctech´s civil aviation equipment. As of now, Nuctech has already passed more than 50 ECAC standard tests on 19 types of equipment, covering almost all aviation security inspection product lines, including like luggage inspection, human security inspection, trace explosive detection, liquid inspection, metal detection, etc.,