NTT Group offers immersive stadium experience

LTE Broadcast company Expway Wi-Fi Multicast solution has been utilised in NTT Group´s (NYSE: NTT) Smart Stadium at the NACK5 Stadium Omiya football (soccer) stadium in Saitama, Japan, home of the J.LEAGUE soccer club Omiya Ardija, the company said.

Smart Stadium uses the Expway Wi-Fi Multicast solution. NTT Group plans to roll out Smart Stadium soon across multiple stadiums in Japan.

Smart Stadium provides a new immersive watching experience synchronized with the game to over 15,000 fans in the stadium, equipped with smartphones of any brand, and the Omiya Ardija app. The solution works on any access point.

Expway enables mobile carriers, device makers, public and private security agencies, content delivery networks and content providers to monetize the mobile video-streaming explosion.